A day made especially for you.

We would be pleased to provide you with the chance to learn about traditional Japan and its philosophies - little known to even many native Japanese.


There are many, who being not the high level leaders are making a culture experience business. There are many hands-on Japanese cultural classes targeting the tourist from overseas. Unbeknownst to them, many are in fact inauthentic. At Kinka-kan Dojo, the authenticity is 100% guaranteed. Every year, we introduce international diplomats and embassy staff to the Dojo. We would be most pleased to welcome you as well.


The High-end Concierge introduces you to an 'unknown Japan'. We aim to create a day especially for you. Katana, the traditional Japanese sword, is symbolic of the strength and beauty of the Japanese spirit. Would you like to learn about the authentic Katana? Why not try a test cutting with a genuine Katana sword?

Trial Cutting & Shooting with Japanese Sword & Shuriken.



The High-end Concierge is made up of only experienced tour escorts. We will introduce you to authentic Japanese culture and tradition.


We are experienced tour escorts for international discerning clientele visiting Japan. We will show you the very best that our country has to offer. Past guests have included company executives and celebrities arriving into Japan by a private jet or boat with security personnel and butlers.

We will introduce you to Iaido and teach you how to use the real Katana sword. You will learn the traditional culture of Iaido, the art of the Japanese sword and the bushido spirit.


The one of the largest Iaido halls, Kinka-kan Dojo is located near Jinbosho Station, Tokyo. The practice of Martial Arts at this dojo includes three styles: Iai - Batto-jutsu, Ken-jutsu, and Nin-jutsu. Our aim is to teach you the art of Kentsu & Ninjutsu.