Privacy Policy


Our company manages and protects personal information obtained from our customers in the following way.

1.当社の個人情報に関する管理者(Administrator regarding the personal information of our company)

ハイエンド・コンシェルジュ(High End Concierge)

150-0002, Domitory Haramachida #903,2-6-14 Haramachida, Machida City, Tokyo

電話:090-4936-5417 メール

2.個人情報の取得と利用(Obtaining personal information and its usage)


We will use the obtained personal information for the following purposes only.
To communicate with a customer who has made an inquiry.


3.個人情報の任意性(Voluntary nature of personal information)


4.個人情報の委託(Commissioning the personal information)


We shall not commission the provided personal information to any third party.

5.個人情報の第三者提供(Giving personal information to any third party.)


We shall not give the provided personal information to any third party.


Disclosure, correction, addition, deletion and stopping the use of personal information.



The administrator of personal information protection shall control and manage the provided personal information.  If you request to disclose, correct, add, delete and stop using the subjected personal information to be disclosed that our company maintains, please request it to the administrator described above.  We need to confirm the identity of the person who makes such a request, therefore you may be requested to show your ID document in such a case.